Are you a MacBook Road Warrior? Our PowerOak K3 is specially designed to charge Apple products. It weights 995g (just under a bag of sugar) and packs a huge 36,000 mAh battery with enough power to charge your Mac up to 1.5 times. It’s surprisingly small and light, and will fit easily in a back-pack. As a nice touch it also comes with a soft sided zippered case, with an additional pocket on the front so you can carry the necessary cable.

Energy anytime, anywhere

From now you can charge your MacBook with our super powerfull PowerOak K3 Power Bank. Your best buddy when going on a work trip, vacation, a roadtrip or at school! You can power up your MacBook, iPad (or other tablet), iPone (or any other smartphone), without power from the Grid. The hugh battery of 133Wh can charge your iPhone up to 19 times. You can even power up to two devices simuntaniously, so your MacBook and iPhone need to be recharged at the same time? No problem for our PowerOak K3 at all!

The K3 Power Bank can be charge with power from the grid with the included AC adapter.