The master speaker connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth®. The master speaker receives the music sent from your device and then streams the music to the satellite speakers (up to 4).

The satellite speakers are connected wirelessly to the master speaker. You simply need to connect the satellite speakers to the AC plug and they will automatically connect to the master. You can place them wherever you like!

_Master + Satellite


Multiroom System Pack 2


Multiroom System Pack 2 is a speaker system of two speakers (1 Master Speaker and 1 Satellite Speaker). This is ideal for living room + kitchen speaker system setup or the like. You can add upto three more Satellite speakers later in this basic bundle. If you want 2 satellite speakers instead, please checkout our Multiroom System Pack 3.

_Master +2 Satellites
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Multiroom System Pack 3


Multiroom System Pack 3 is the standard bundle - perfect for those who wants speaker system functional in 3 areas of their house. To learn more on how flexible this bundle can be, please view the following page: "What is Multiroom?". This can be upgraded to a customized System Pack 5 if two more Satellites will be added later. If you don't need the complete set of 5 now, Multiroom System Pack 3 is what you are looking for.



Multiroom System Satellite


Multiroom System Satellites are speakers that partner the Multiroom System Base. You can install upto 4 satellite speakers in different rooms or places in your house. Just like the Multiroom System Base, each of our satellite speakers can be controlled by our Mobile App via Bluetooth connection. A Multiroom System Satellite will not work without a Multiroom System Base. If you have a Multiroom System Base and you want to install more wirelessly connected speakers, Multiroom System Satellite is what you need.


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