Mensa Loudspeakers


In-room streaming music

We wanted an innovative and stylish in-room speaker that is easy to use and caters to the needs of 4 and 5* hotel guests. Modern minimal styling, ease of functionality and universal connection where the key elements required by the industry. In addition to function and form, the objective was to offer hotel guests a product which would enhance their guest experience.
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In-room entertainment

Guests really want to stream their own content

Bluetooth has become today’s wireless connectivity standard for modern mobile phones and tablets allowing easy pairing and freedom for guests to keep their device with them while enjoying exceptional quality sound. Mensa features a unique-connection for Bluetooth, ensuring only the current user may connect to the device in their room.
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High Quality

Natural ecological wood and homy fabrics

In addition to quality sound guests want easy and reliable methods to charge their devices. Mensa offers a convenient high current 2.1A USB socket for phone and tablet charging. With many guests choosing to use their phones as their alarm clocks this charging facility lets them keep the phone close to hand on the Mensa nightstand and wake with their device 100% charged.
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Ease of use

Bluetooth connection and sound control at your fingertips

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Hi-fi tech

Immerse yourself in 360-degree sound


Beautiful nighstand 

Blending into most modern minimal interior designs


Universal sharging utility

Phone and tablet charging

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