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Industrial Design

A selection of projects

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The Möbius strip is a concept from the mathematical field known as topology. For our research, we studied casing geometrical properties and spatial relations change of shape or size of figures and the way in which constituent parts are interrelated or arranged.

We discovered that providing a möbiusian shaped enclosure containing drivers, and cooperatively mounting the housing in association with a uniquely constructed reflector, allowed us to achieve a loudspeaker system which controls and shapes the ultimate acoustical waveform produced thereby.

Using the three basic elements of a loudspeaker system—the driver, the möbiusian enclosure, and the reflector—in a unique integral design, a synergistic interaction of these components is achieved which produces true holographic coverage patterns across the entire rated power bandwidth of the loudspeaker.

The loudspeaker system controls and distributes the acoustical energy of the driver and housing, while shaping the acoustical energy field into a true holographic pattern, within the system's power bandwidth. The result is stunning purity combined with a very natural tonal balance and excellent dynamic expression.

The Pythagorean Music of the Spheres incorporates the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or "tones" of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds – all connected within a pattern of proportion. This was the very goal we tried to achieve with Möbius.

Möbius Loudspeaker System - is designed for modern listeners. It can be used with any device that plays music: computer, mobile phone, personal player, video system, docking station, network player, CD player, streaming client, TV, Hi-Fi audio system, anything. Multi-room – Wirelessly and Learning as you listen.

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with 2sympleks

Lamp Inspired by Ensō symbol and Ikebana art.

LG Luflex Design Competition Winner


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Yachting Timer

Time-piece inspired by Yachting with specific Swiss regatta movement and dial in teak.



Accessory 01

with Ilia Vostrov

Cover and loudspeaker for augmenting iPad



Accessory 02

High-end fast induction charger for iPhone