A skillful sailor is to know the rules of the sport, especially when it comes to properly timing the starting sequence of a race. 

A good start counts for much more time than the handful of seconds it gives you at the outset of a race. Without getting too technical, being the first to the start line at the onset of the race provides a racer with an aerodynamic advantage over other trailing boats by having “cleaner” and less disturbed air. This enables them to easily extend their lead as well as chart the most efficient path around the course. This is where yachting watches come into the picture.

The start of a race is signaled by using a combination of signals, sounds and flags. This is often referred to as “the starting sequence”. As you will see in the 5-minute staging chart below, the timing of these corresponds with the markings on the dial and chapter ring of the Atoll Yachting watch

Yachting_Starting Sequence.png